Sorry for the late post! 4 weeks of isolation and, like most, I haven’t a clue what day / month it is anymore. I hope everyone is staying safe and following government guidelines at ?.

We started self-isolation with all the best intentions and set up a home school / class in the lodge however this swiftly fell to the wayside as we realised we’re not Teachers and right now, in these unprecedented times, our little ones need to be kept safe; healthy and feeling happy.

During our time we’ve planted fruit and veg; destroyed our first paddling pool of 2020 and spent most of our time in the ?? in the garden ?.

We’ve also spent more quality time as a family and taken Dixie on adventures!

Don’t worry, it’s certainly not all been calm and collected and I have to admit I’ve struggled with the sheer number of minutes in the day where 4 children need some form of entertainment! We *may* have had the odd ? and ? to relax after a gruelling 12-15 hour shift ?.

Work wise I’ve attended 3 online SEN Tribunals and carried out 8 SLT EHCP appeal assessments from the comfort of our Lodge and, with a couple of technical workarounds, I’m really enjoying the shift in my work!

I’ll write a blog on how the online Tribunals have been going shortly!

Stay safe, stay home and protect our NHS ?