When it comes to social skills one size doesn’t fit all! For my #teletherapy adolescents with #Autism I’m using a combination of SocialThinking.com resources + the Secret Agent Society online computer game + looking into Bridges In Social Understanding to develop their social interaction and social communication skills.

Social Thinking

Following the Social Thinking Informal Dynamic Assessment I embed resources from the Think Social! A Social Thinking Curriculum for School-Aged Students into my online Speech Therapy sessions.

Secret Agent Society

Several years ago I had the absolute pleasure in being trained to be a provider of the Secret Agent Society; a social skills approach primarily for children with High Functioning Autism aged 8-12.

What attracted me to this approach is the fact that it has an incredibly strong evidence base, “One university randomised-controlled trial found 76 per cent of children with Asperger’s Syndrome, who had clinically significant delays in social-emotional functioning, improved to displaying these skills within the range of typically developing children on a parent-report measure (Beaumont & Sofronoff, 2008)”, and as such it is clear to see the impact on the children I work with.

Whilst the group is aimed at 8-12 year old with high functioning autism I have seen positive results with older children and children with ADHD and language disorders with impairments in their social interaction and social communication skills.

The SAS programme is multifaceted and encompasses a weekly small group / one to one work; weekly parent training; weekly school training and a computer game the children play between sessions! To find out more go to https://www.sst-institute.net/sas-families.

I’ve loved running SAS groups in person however I provide online one to one and / or groups (where numbers allow) ?.

If you would like to find out more about how I can develop your child’s social skills feel free to contact me!